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Dermatologist at Work

Early diagnosis

Skin cancer affects up to one in three New Zealanders. Early diagnosis is essential for good outcomes.

Facial Cream

Skin care tips

Choosing skin care can be overwhelming. Learn about products that will suit you.

Doctor's Appointment

Patch testing

Your doctor suspects allergic eczema, what next? What to expect when having patch tests.

Hair Treatment

See a dermatologist

Hair loss has many causes. Specialist assessment for accurate diagnosis is the first step.


Latest treatments

Research into psoriasis treatment is a rapidly evolving area in dermatology. Find out what's available.

Spa Time

Common & treatable

You shouldn't just put up with itch or discomfort. Vulval skin conditions can affect women of all ages.

Pease note we do not provide an online consultation service. Information is designed for general information only and not intended as individual medical advice. If you are unwell please see your doctor.

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